There are several different reasons why you might be in need of a defense attorney. These type of lawyers handle a vast amount of cases. Often you see them working whenever you face any sort of legal charges where potential rule breaking is involved. In short, a employment lawyers toronto can help you in a wide range of scenarios. Now, there are several attorneys at your disposal. So, choosing one might be a tough task. Therefore, here are a few questions that will help you in the evaluation.

Practicing time span

When you are hiring a lawyer, you are giving your future in his or her hands. Therefore, it is good that you ask the person about how long he has been working in this field. According to studies, it takes almost 10 years for a person to become an expert in what he is doing. You may also refer it to as the ’10 year rule’ which you should take into consideration while hiring a criminal lawyer.

Number of jury trials

The trial process is a bit different, and the attorney has to be confident in it. The person should not feel any sort of hesitation in going in front of the jury. There are times when the case is best settled outside the court. Then there are situations where going in front of a jury can be more beneficial for the client. The attorneys that are afraid to go in front of jury tend to figure out the ways that will settle the matters outside of court. Even if it is not the best option for their clients, they urge them to take it.

The specialization

The specialization puts an impact on almost all the fields of the world. However, there are certain jobs where it is said to be the priority. Doctors and lawyers come in this list where the specialization is critical. When you are hiring a defense attorney, ensure that the person is criminal law specialist. Ask for the certificates and other relevant pieces of evidence that the individual has necessary knowledge which allows him to deal with your case.

Who is handling your case?

It is a question that many people overlook. They go for the big names and law firms where they present their case. Now, the person who is listening to their requirements and needs is someone else while on the day of trial, a strange face pops up to defend them. It can be disturbing for a person. Moreover, you should meet directly with the individual who is going to deal with your case at least once before finally appearing in front of the jury. It will help you in understanding each other and be more effective on the day of trial.


So, these are a few good questions that you must ask before hiring a employment lawyers toronto. Do note that the reputation of the attorney matters a lot. Always try to go for the person who has a decent reputation as it is built with hard work and dedication.