When a husband and wife are constantly arguing and fighting and cannot stand to be around each other, they are usually advised by everyone to file for a divorce. But, the fact is that a divorce is not feasible in all situations. When couples are facing a barrier in their divorce process, whether it is due to religious or cultural reasons, financial issues or any other circumstances, they have the option of entering into a marital separation agreement. This can be a great option for couples that just wish to detach themselves from their partners without having to end the marriage.

In some cases, legally separated couples do end up getting a divorce in the future whereas there are lots of those who are content in staying legally separated. There are times when couples use their time apart as a legally separated couple to reflect on their marriage and may even end up repairing the issues that drove them apart. In such a situation, a divorce is irreversible, but a legal separation can be reversed. The best part about a separation agreement is that it doesn’t have to be filed in court. A husband and wife can get a free separation form and sign it in good faith.

If you are still unsure, here are some excellent reasons why getting legally separated is a better option than a divorce:

  • Divorce is prohibited in your religion

There are numerous religions that downright prohibit divorce. If not, sometimes people have personal convictions due to which they may not want to get a divorce as they consider it unacceptable. If you are one of those people for whom divorce is a taboo subject due to your philosophical or religious beliefs, legal separation gives you a great option to exit an unhealthy marriage without having to violate your principles and beliefs.

  • Uncertainty about the divorce

It is natural for couples to think about getting a divorce when they are fresh off from a major fight or argument. However, it is a fact that divorce is a life changing decision and not something that should be decided in the heat of the moment. Legal separation is also life changing, but it is definitely less final. This gives the couple space to think things through and the perspective they need to see if they should end their marriage.

  • You want to get the benefits

If one of the spouses is close to getting their Social Security benefits, they can decide to opt for legal separation than divorce. A divorce means that they will not be able to take advantage of them whereas separating legally makes them eligible to receive them thereby eliminating financial hardships, if any. This can also be the case when one partner is dependent on the other’s healthcare insurance.

If you are interested in making a separation agreement NJ or anywhere else, you can hire an attorney to help you in this regard. They will assist you during this process to ensure you can get the full benefits.